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Training and Development

training and development

We offer Corporate Training workshops throughout the year both at our own and client’s premises. There may be workshops listed here that are only offered once per year or by special request. Please feel free to contact us for further inquiries. Email us at info [at] technocontract.com.ng or call/WhatsApp 070 3225 0000 today.

Office / Productivity:

  1. Microsoft Access Training
  2. Microsoft Access: Introduction to
  3. Microsoft: Database Design
  4. Microsoft Access: Queries
  5. Microsoft Access: Forms
  6. Microsoft Access: Reports
  7. Microsoft Excel Training
  8. Microsoft  Excel: Introduction
  9. Microsoft Excel: Intermediate
  10. Microsoft Excel: Advanced
  11. Microsoft Excel for Statistics
  12. Microsoft Word Training
  13. Microsoft Word: Introduction
  14. Microsoft Word: Skills for Success
  15. Microsoft Word: Styles
  16. Microsoft Word: Tables and Lists
  17. Microsoft Word: Mail Merge
  18. Microsoft Word: Revising Large Documents
  19. PowerPoint Training
  20. Microsoft PowerPoint: Basics
  21. Microsoft PowerPoint: Introduction
  22. Microsoft PowerPoint: Skills for Success
  23. Microsoft PowerPoint: Intermediate
  24. Microsoft PowerPoint: Drawing Tools and Image Editing

Photoshop Training:

  1. Intro to Photoshop: Basic Skills
  2. Photoshop: Intermediate: “Improving Images: Photoshop for Photographers”
  3. Photoshop: Advanced: Beginning Graphic Creation in Photoshop

Dreamweaver Training:

  1. Dreamweaver and HTML: Introduction
  2. Dreamweaver and HTML: Intermediate HTML Using Dreamweaver
  3. Dreamweaver: Site Tools

Information Technology:

  1. Data Management
  2. Data Management Strategies
  3. Data Warehousing
  4. Data Recovery
  5. Data Backup
  6. Data Modeling
  7. Ethics/Legal Issues
  8. Data Security/Privacy
  9. Information Technology Architecture
  10. Information Resources Strategy & Planning
  11. Systems Test and Evaluation (Integrated)
  12. Disaster Recovery Strategy
  13. Fit-Gap Analysis
  14. Technology Modeling
  15. Technology Architecture Analysis
  16. IT Baseline Assessment Analysis
  17. Concepts of Rapid Prototyping
  18. Technical Management Communication Strategy
  19. Interdepartmental, Interagency IT Functional Analysis
  20. IT Planning Methodologies
  21. Contingency Planning
  22. Monitoring and Evaluation Methods and Techniques.