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I am Active On Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn - Is That Enough?

Having pages on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn is good, but not enough. To succeed online, you need a full online presence and also a digital marketing strategy in order to properly align your social media activities with your business objectives. Do you have a web presence? Do you have a corporate website to showcase your services or an eCommerce portal to sell your products? Your website and your social media profiles should all work together to tell the same story.

It is common for businesses to underestimate the planning, strategy, time and financial resources that are required in order to create a successful online strategy and realise the full potential of the online marketplace. This demands an investment of skill, time and money; which most organisations overlooked.

It is sad to see in many instances when organisations employ interns or newbies to manage their social profiles. The same thorough planning and diligence used in recruiting into your marketing department should go into all your digital marketing strategies. Getting to grips with the nuances and integration of all digital marketing channels can be time consuming, and if not properly handled can backfire. For your digital marketing projects, it is worth engaging on a contractual basis a consultant who has worked with similar businesses and organisations to your own, and can provide an overview of the field and insight into the most suited channels to your business.

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