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Blog Archive: November 2022

I am Active On Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn - Is That Enough?

Having pages on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn is good, but not enough. To succeed online, you need a full online presence and also a digital marketing strategy in order to properly align your social media activities with your business objectives. Do you have a web presence? Do you have a corporate website to showcase your services or an eCommerce

Is Content Marketing Suitable for My Business?

My industry is complicated, and any type of advertising is a challenge. How do I use content marketing to promote or create awareness for my company? For some industries, creating specialised content is a joint effort between the client and the digital marketing consultant. This is because it requires some domain expertise to create content on any

Can I Build My Blog on a Free Platform?

Yes, you can build your blog on a free platform like Blogger, WordPress or Tumblr, but there are restrictions. First of all, your content will be housed by the platform you choose. Although sites like WordPress, Tumblr and Blogger are probably not going away anytime soon, but what if they changed their rules or decided to go down? These are the

Benefits of Online Advertising

While some of you may be counting how much it will cost to advertise online, the good news is that online advertising is actually affordable and you can launch any campaign to fit your pocket. There are many benefits of advertising online over traditional means of advertising. Below are listed the most important of the benefits. What Are the

3 Ways You Can Leverage Online Advertising Campaigns

You can run online adverts for several purposes. Sometimes your interest may be to generate some buzz or create awareness for your brand. Here are three examples of online ad campaigns. Generate New Leads You may want to promote an eBook, white paper, webinar or demo of a new product. This is mainly to help prospects who are in the early phases

3 Pillars of Success for eCommerce Websites

In this digital age, most businesses had gone online in order to be able to serve better and reach wider prospects. Going ecommerce is the next thing for any business into retails or selling of popular consumer items. Succeeding in ecommerce has a number of factors but the most critical are: Good Products and Good Pricing: This is the major